Grow Beyond Your Circumstances

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  • Have you ever went to sleep at night, telling yourself that tomorrow will be a better day?
  • Have you ever woke up super inspired with motivation, yet found yourself at the end of the day feeling unaccomplished?
  • Have you ever asked yourself "I thought I'd be so much further along in life right now."
  • Have you ever looked at your life and asked "Why me? What did I do to deserve this?"

If so, you are not alone in your struggle. I remember sitting in my car outside my job asking myself these exact questions. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, frustrated with others and mostly myself. The people I loved the most got the unfulfilled version of me and I felt more and more guilty, trying to answer the question to myself "What's wrong?" It felt like anything I did that changed my emotions to happiness were only temporary and would eventually ware off. Instead, I felt more and more miserable about myself and losing any hope of it ever getting better. The moment it changed was when I realized that "nothing new or better will come into my life, until something NEW COMES OUT OF ME." As wild as that sounds (smh), that's the moment life began to change. Now I share what i've learned and continue to learn with others, convinced change IS POSSIBLE! Do you want the next level in your life?

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Michael Adams, personal development trainer, speaker and author of "A Warrior's Mindset: A Training Guide for Cultivating a Mindset for Greatness" shares his best resources to help you take your life from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY. Founder of Next Wave Warrior, his personal transformation business has the simple mission to "inspire and instruct people how to improve their lives and achieve their goals." Michael is also the creator of the 2-day live personal transformation event "New Breath New Life" which helps you create a new results and set you on a brand new trajectory in your life. Watch weekly as he shares valuable personal development wisdom on his channel Warrior Living TV, he shares  how you can explore the growth, improvement and development of yourself grow your inner WARRIOR.

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"Michael's energy is inspiring. He definitely has a passion and talent for bringing out the best in people."

-New Breath New Life Attendee

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"You will definitely expand your mind and learn something new. His wisdom in personal transformation is deep.

-Coaching Client

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A Warrior's Mindset -The Training Guide to Develop a Mindset for Greatness

A Warrior's Mindset is an effective introduction to begin your journey in developing a Warrior's mindset. It is known that any success can be broken into two factors: a person's psychology/mindset (80%) and the mechanics/steps (20%). Most people fail because of their mindset toward a challenge, so this book will help you re-condition your mind for success. Your thinking is malleable and can change with daily conditioning. Get your copy today!

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"Taking your Life to the Next Level of your Being Starts with the Thoughts and Actions you Create Today.

You Can Grow Beyond your Circumstances!"


-Michael Adams

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